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Buy and sell royalty split NFTs

NFT market

Collabhouse's NFT Market uses blockchain and smart contracting technology to enable Music Makers, their fans & collectors to sell, buy, and trade royalty splits as NFTs.

Collabhouse NFTs

  • Include a royalty split of future track distribution royalties
  • Are minted on the Polygon blockchain as soon as they are sold
  • Can be resold on secondary marketplaces including OpenSea
  • Are available from EUR 50,-

Support tracks and artists you love by collecting and investing in Collabhouse NFTs. Help boost their exposure and share in success. Watch your royalties grow as your track and artist's popularity grows.
View the Collabhouse NFT collection on OpenSea.


Tap into a new royalty stream and allow your fans to support you and participate in your success by offering NFTs. Grow together.

Sell NFTs

Sell a percentage of your track's future Collabhouse distribution royalties as NFT to your fans & collectors to create a new additional royalty stream.

Create a drop

Select the track on which you want to sell royalty split NFTs, the royalty split and number of NFTs you want to include as part of the drop as well as their sales price and sell your NFTs on the NFT Market.

Let fans participate

Let your fans & collectors support you and participate and share in your and your tracks' success.

Get paid

Track how your royalty split NFT drop is performing as NFT sales are accounted and added to your royalty balance on a daily basis.

No paperwork

Collabhouse handles the 'paperwork' and accounts and pays out royalty splits to NFT buyers directly.

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