Collabhouse is a brand-new music promotion and licensing platform that brings together creators and owners of music (‘Music Makers’), creators of audio-visual content (‘Content Creators’) and fans and collectors to combine their talents and help each other grow. It is the platform where Music Makers expose and monetize, and Content Creator find and license music in a heartbeat.


Music Makers use Collabhouse to increase their exposure and royalties by:

  • distributing their music to 50+ Music Services globally
  • promoting their music through Collabs
  • sync licensing their music to Content Creators
  • creating and selling royalty split NFTs


Content Creators use Collabhouse to find and license music for their next project by:

  • collaborate with Music Makers and get paid for promoting music by using it in your next post;
  • licensing original music from the Music Library in just a few clicks.


Fans & Collectors use Collabhouse to:

  • support and fund tracks and artists they believe by collecting NFTs; and 
  • share in a track’s success by buying, collecting and trading Collabhouse royalty split NFTs.
  • Music Makers

Collabhouse is for any type of Music Maker (artist, label, band, etc.) who owns or controls rights into master recordings worldwide. Music Makers who own or control rights into master recordings, can distribute those recordings to Music Services and promote them through Collabs using Collabhouse. 


Music Makers who also own or control the publishing rights to their tracks (or at least have permission from their owner or publisher to include the tracks in the Music Library), can also get their tracks placed by offering their tracks for sync via our Music Library.  


  • Content Creators

Collabhouse is for any type of Content Creator, ranging from influencers to game and app developers, and from brands and agencies to podcast developers, and who is looking to find and license fully cleared quality music for their next creative project, amateur or professional.


  • Fans & NFT Collectors

Collabhouse is for all types of fans and NFT collectors with a strong interest in music who are looking to support and fund their favourite tracks and artists and share in their success. 


You need to be at 18 years or older to use Collabhouse.

To use Collabhouse, you first need to create your own personal user account and then create at least one profile to be able to explore and navigate the various features of Collabhouse. After creating a profile, you can start to explore Collabhouse. 


You can create more than one profile, if you want to use Collabhouse in various capacities. By selecting a profile in your Collabhouse account, you can determine in what capacity you want to use Collabhouse. For example, you can create a profile for your band to distribute your band’s music and set up a separate profile for you as a solo artist or influencer to license your music to Content Creators or do collabs.