Music Library


The Music Library is an online one-stop-shop music library offering sync licenses to pre-cleared tracks from both established and new upcoming artists. 


The Music Library can be used by Content Creators to discover and license music that can be used and synchronized in audio-visual content they create. Music Library licenses are available for almost every type of project, creator and budget. All rights pre-cleared, worldwide.


Music Makers who own or control all recording and publishing rights in their tracks worldwide, or have permission from their publisher, can offer free or sell paid sync licenses to their tracks using the Music Library and grow their exposure and royalties.

The Music Library is for Music Makers who look to increase their exposure and royalties by getting their tracks placed in app, games, podcasts and advertisement, and who own or control both the master recording as well as the publishing rights in their tracks. Music Makers are free to select what tracks to include in the Music Library, for what type of projects and determine their own license fees. 


For Content Creators, the Music Library is the online destination to discover quality music and obtain free or paid sync licenses to use music in their next creative projects. The Music Library are available for a wide variety of music and for every type of creator (from influencers, brands to agencies), project (from social media campaigns, to games and apps and film), and budget (including free licenses). All rights pre-cleared, worldwide.


First create a Collabhouse profile and make sure to select ‘Music Maker’ as one of the roles. Then go to the ‘Releases’ page in your ‘My Collabhouse’ section and follow the steps to upload your first release. You can upload single tracks, EPs or entire albums with a maximum of 15 tracks. 

For each release, you need to provide artwork, release name, audio files and track names together with a bunch of other information that helps identify your tracks on Music Services and on Collabhouse. 

After completing your release, you can submit it to the Music Library on the ‘Add to Music Library’ tab. Select the tracks you want to add to the Music Library and provide your Music Library Settings including pricing for each of them. After providing your Music Library Settings, you can add your tracks to the Music Library. As soon as you submit your tracks, they appear and become available in the Music Library.

You can only submit tracks to the Music Library for which you own or control the sound recording as well as the underlying publishing rights globally, or for which you have obtained permission from the rights holders who own and/or control the rights into the recordings and underlying musical composition(s) to grant sync licenses for your track via the Music Library.If you do not own or control both rights or have such permissions, do not submit your tracks to the Music Library.

It is free to include your tracks in the Music Library and make them available for sync licensing. Collabhouse does take a commission of 25% on any licenses sold. The rest is paid out in accordance with the recording and publishing royalty splits provided for each of your tracks.

You can determine whether you want to offer you tracks for sync in the Music Library for free or against payment, and you can provide your own license fee per license type. The license fee you select or enter per license type in your track’s Music Library Settings is the minimum license fee, or starting price, applicable to 1-year licenses that include up to 30 seconds of use. Price mark-ups apply for licenses that include a longer track use and license term.You can find more information about how Music Library licenses are priced in the Music Library Content Types & Pricing Guide. You can change your track’s Music Library Settings and license fees at any time. Any changes you make will be implemented within 24 hours.

You can change your track’s Music Library Settings and remove or add tracks to the Music Library and change your pricing at any time from the ‘Add to Music Library’ tab of the relevant release in your Collabhouse profile. As soon as you save any changes made to your track’s Music Library Settings, those changes are reflected in the Music Library within 24 hours.

You can remove your track(s) from the Music Library at any time from the ‘Add to Music Library’ tab of the relevant release in your Collabhouse profile. The selected track is removed from the Music Library as soon as you confirm its removal.


Find and select a track you want to license from the Music Library. You can use the filters at the right side of the Music Library page to narrow down your search. If you find a track that is a good match for your project, you can check whether the track is within your budget and available for the type of content you are working on. To obtain a license you first select the type of project you wish to use the track in, together with the required track length and license term. You are also asked to provide a short description of your project. After providing the required information, your license fee is calculated automatically and you can obtain the license. Payment is via PayPal, and you can use your PayPal account, debit or credit card. After obtaining a license, you can download the track in WAV. You will also receive a proof of license and an invoice for the license fee in case it was a paid license. You can find on overview of your Music Library licenses on the ‘ML Licenses’ page in ‘My Collabhouse’.

Tracks you license from the Music Library can only be used and synchronized in the type of creative content and during the term you specified when obtaining the license. Each license allows you to use the track in just one project. If you want to use a track in several types of content (i.e. in a Facebook post and in your podcast), you need to obtain multiple licenses. When using a track from the Music Library please do not forget to credit the artist(s).

The Music Library offers both free and paid licenses. For each track in the Music Library an overview is provided of the types of projects it can be licensed for together with an indication of their license fees. The license fee for a track is determined by the license base price determined by the artist or owner of the track in combination with the project type, license term and track length selected by you. The exact license fee for your project is automatically calculated after selecting the type of project, license term and track length.

You can use tracks you licensed from the Music Library in your project for the duration of the License Term you selected during the process of obtaining your license. When you license a track from the Music Library, you can select for what period you want to obtain the license. The options are: 1 year license, 3-year license or a perpetual license. You can find the License Term of your Music Library license on your license receipt or the in ‘ML Licenses’ section of your ‘My Collabhouse’ menu.

No, you are not allowed to remix a track you licensed from the Music Library. You are allowed to cut and edit the track to have it fit the content you wish to use it in.

Yes, you can edit a track you licensed from the Music Library but only to cut it to the required length to have it fit your content.

Yes, you can monetize the visual component on the video, not the audio part.

Please contact us at if you received a claim on one of your social media videos for using a track you licensed from the Music Library track and we will work with you to release it.